Hello, lovelies! My name is Sarah Novak and if you didn’t already gather this, I am a free-lance makeup artist living in North Carolina. After studying makeup artistry independently through YouTube videos, Makeup Artistry and Beauty related books (LOTS of them!), and just practicing in my free time all throughout high school, three years ago I decided to pursue it as a real career. I started out my professional training by attending a “Glaminar” hosted by makeup artist Kandee Johnson in Miami where I was fortunate enough to learn all about the business and then from there I took makeup classes taught by celebrity makeup artist Thom Surprenant through Last Looks Makeup Academy in Charlotte, NC. Since then I’ve been working on building my portfolio and doing makeup on clients when possible, while I am still a student in college. Although I am still just in the beginnings of my makeup artistry career, I am having a blast building my way up! I also just took a Stage Makeup class at my local college and am very eager to study and learn more about theatrical makeup. My main focus though is every day, corrective makeup. I hope to attract some subscribers to my blog and be helpful in any way I can! I am not limited to just talking about makeup, although it is my main focus. I hope to write posts on my daily FOTDs (Face of the Day), Product reviews, Skin care routines, Makeup tutorials, and I would also like to talk about some of my other hobbies which include reading, cooking, baking, traveling, and going to movies as well. If anyone has any questions or would just like to chat feel free to follow me on Twitter!